What is NOX Phoenix

NOX Phoenix trading system is the brand-new development of Art Cloud Technologies, the work on which have been started in early 2020. Now, NOX Phoenix is a wide range of tools for algo trading on the foreign exchange market, the main core of which are special behavior methods during various events affecting price action.

Основным отличием от похожих разработок является то, что NOX Phoenix – это торговая система, а не торговая стратегия или их комплекс. Торговые системы включают в себя дополнительные компоненты, позволяющие значительно расширить функционал и обеспечить более высокую безопасность депозитов.

NOX Phoenix trading system features:

  • Регулярный математический анализ рынка (подсистема “NOX Clover”)
  • Регулярный фундаментальный анализ рынка (подсистема “NOX CLV”)
  • A variety of trading modes aimed for profit (can be selected via presets)
  • Algorithm to prevent entering the market during high risks
  • Built-in algorithms for locking and drawdown covering

…and much more.

Торговые системы, в отличие от стратегий, имеют возможность контроля всего “жизненного” цикла счета начиная со старта торгов, заканчивая обеспечением безопасности в периоды кризиса, все это работает практически без непосредственного участия клиента.

Where are the client's funds when using NOX Phoenix?

All clients’ deposits are always located on the broker accounts, we are not dealing with. The software developed by Art Cloud Technologies can work only with the orders, including: open, modify and close orders. The withdrawal or deposit processes are available only to the account holders.

Be very careful while choosing a broker, read reviews on different independent resources. Also, you should pay attention to the parameters of the trading accounts provided, such as: leverage, swaps, spreads, the maximum number of open orders, etc.

NOX Clover- Auto picking of trading settings

NOX Phoenix Expert Advisor has hundreds of input parameters, each of which largely determines the effectiveness of the built-in strategies. Due to the fact that all the trading instruments are not static, regular optimization of all the input parameters is required for stable work of the system. For this specific purpose, we developed the unique system for regular auto picking of proper values. NOX Clover subsystem does everything on its own 24/7, so our clients do not have to spend time and money on this process.

NOX CLV - Automatic adjustment to the fundamental
changes in the foreign exchange market

The foreign exchange market is not static, prices, and market's mood are always changing and depend on a large variety of factors, among which the most significant are: political situation, macroeconomic data, and, starting from 2020, the epidemiological situation, and much more.

There is no one who is able to fully understand all the events taking place in the world, alone. This huge task requires a group of analysts, who are able to analyze the situation and make recommendations.

NOX Phoenix trading system's wide functionality

Art Cloud Technologies has its own department of traders and analysts. Their main task is to update NOX CLV subsystem with the results of fundamental analysis on the regular basis. NOX CLV transfers this data to NOX Phoenix. Combined work of the experienced specialists and software, allows the Expert Advisor to adapt to the market conditions.

Using the NOX CLV subsystem, our analysts with some probability are able to prevent negative situations. For example, if they will see the high possibility of appearance of the long-term unidirectional price movements, they can temporarily prohibit trading in a certain direction in that specific asset. The analyst's department is tracking not just market news and global events, also under supervision are the main market trends, which are very essential for intraday trading.

The possibility of fine-tuning the Expert Adviser is opened, each client can fully control the way of work of NOX Phoenix.

If there is a necessary of high security of your deposit, or you need to adjust risk ratio, than just change the advanced options. We recommend making such settings very carefully, because each parameter can have strong influence on the trading mode and trading results. All the system's functions are described in the Expert Advisor advanced settings in the personal cabinet at me.nox.bz

How to make settings if you are not a trader?

We have a very simple solution for beginners and for experienced users - templates of the settings that contain the most effective and well weighted combinations. You have to understand that the suggested templates are not the best of the possible options, these are just examples of how the Expert Advisor can be adjusted for achieving the goal. Goals can be for example, to maximize profits or to ensure a high level of security.

The Expert Advisor's extent of aggressiveness should be chosen with the same level of accuracy as advanced settings templates. This parameter specifies the volume of the opened orders and some other factors. All the new clients we recommend to run some tests on the demo accounts to select the best trading strategy.

Locking and drawdown covering

NOX Phoenix got its name due to the Locking algorithm, which implies a kind of account rebirth in case of large drawdown. Locking drawdown and then positive removing the locks are in demand among the traders, who are using high risks trading strategies. The thing is that such systems are usually sold on the market as standalone Expert Advisors. As for us, we decided to provide our clients additional tool for risk management, that's why we've integrated such important feature directly to NOX Phoenix trading system.

The Locking feature can work in several different modes. If we are speaking about the classic mode, then Expert Advisor will lock part of the opened positions on specific trading asset as soon as the floating drawdown will reach the specified level. The Expert Advisor will start the work on positive removing it, immediately as the lock is set. The main aim of this process is to restore the equity value to the account balance. There are some cases when the locking orders are opened on more than one trading asset, even in such situations NOX Phoenix will continue the recovering work using the trading profit of all the account.

Automated notification about the trading account status

All products of our company, including NOX Phoenix Expert Adviser, are connected to a centralized notification system via Telegram bot. Connecting to the telegram bot will not take more than one minute, but it is worth it, the list of telegram bot features are wide: it will not just keep you updated of the current status of the account on which NOX Phoenix trading system is installed, but will also notify you if something happens in the market.

The features of @nox_events_bot are not limited to just sending notifications. Instead of learning tonnes of educational materials and articles on our website, you can get the answers in the dialogue mode with our telegram bot, because it has access to huge knowledge base of the products and services of Art Cloud Technologies. In case you don’t find the topic you are interested in, just type your question in the chat and the telegram bot will try to answer you.

We have launched a public catalog of expert advisors that work on customers' accounts, where you will find lots of cases to estimate the potentials of NOX Phoenix. The number of bots can be changed both up and down, because there are some conditions for being published in the catalog:

  • The account owner allowed the publication info of his bot (personal data will not be displayed in any case)
  • The account balance is more than zero
  • More than 15 trading working days have passed since the launch of trading using NOX Phoenix Expert Advisor
  • The client did not trade manually (if the client prefers to combine algo and manual trading, then his Expert Advisors' record will be permanently removed from the catalog)
  • The Expert Advisor is not on pause (if the client for some reason decided to pause the trading or withdrew funds, the Expert Advisor will be hidden temporarily from the catalog)

What the company is doing for NOX Phoenix improvements?

Our company never stopped since the foundation, we're always moving forward to the main aim – our clients' deposits security. To reach this aim, we constantly make changes and optimize the performance of the whole NOX Phoenix system, so are its subsystems ("NOX Clover" and "NOX CLV"). If you also decide to use our "NOX Box" server for trading, all the software updates will be handled automatically by default by our special applications, and you will always use up-to-date version of NOX Phoenix.

All the news about our products updates are published in the official Telegram channel @nox_bz

The connection workflow an account to the NOX Phoenix trading system


Open a trading account with a broker


Select a Phoenix Settings Template


Install the Expert Advisor on the server

Brokers on which accounts NOX Phoenix can work

NOX Phoenix trading system can work with any account if it meets the minimum requirements.
Any reputed broker can be selected by a client.

Minimal requirements for the trading account:

  • Balance from $500 (only cent accounts are supported, not mix up with the regular dollar accounts)
  • Leverage from 1:100 (recommended leverage is 1:500, the smaller the leverage, the lower the profitability of trading)
  • The maximum number of open orders should be at least 100. When using the locking function even more may be necessary (we recommend 500+)
  • Minimal lot size 0.01
  • Hedging trading account (netting accounts are not supported)
  • Algorithmic trading using Expert Advisors should be allowed by the broker
  • We recommend using NDD accounts
  • We recommend using the swaps free accounts
  • Scalping strategy should be allowed by broker if you are planning to use the feature of "Length division"
  • The value of 1 standard lot should be 100,000 units of the base currency

If you still have questions about using NOX Phoenix Expert Advisor, don't hesitate to ask them via an online chat on our website, one of our specialists will be happy to assist you in this regard.

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