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How it works?

Automated Forex trading is a type of trading were special software is used, which is using the algorithms to trade on your account without your direct interfere.

Such software has several names: "Expert Advisor" (EA), "Robot" or simply a "bot". In other words the EA is your personal trader who works 24/5, it is not sleeping, not eating, it is emotionless and makes decisions strictly following the pre-programmed trading strategy.

NOX Advantages

NOX is a new generation robot developed by ART Cloud Technologies. We offer you to look at its advantages.

One bot includes many trading strategies

You do not need to spend anymore time and money on different EA's purchasing and testing. We have already developed, for you, many profitable strategies for different purposes: From the slowest growing deposit with minimal risk To extremely fast and highly profitable. Important: each strategy should be installed to the separate account.

NOX system does not have any ability to withdraw customers funds

This can only be done by their owner, that is, you personally. All deposits are held by brokers, not in trust management by ART Cloud Technologies.

Additional control from market professionals

The team of professional traders and market analytics are controlling the NOX Bot 24/5. Our moto: Safety comes first!

Regular updates and improvement of the trading strategies are included

Basically, our system has no restrictions or limitations on the number of built-in trading strategies, which gives you in the future the opportunity to earn more.

The unique Bring-a-Buddy program

Share your positive experience of using our system with your friends and grab cool bonuses! We do care about our loyal clients and partners!

What are the steps?


Sign up for free


Choose a package of services


Register on a broker company


Open a trading account and do deposit


Install Expert Advisor


Choose a trading strategy


Check the VPS status


Regularly withdraw the profits

Statistics of the NOX Expert Advisor

Active bots number


Total customers profit


Percentage of profitable trades


The number of lost deposits


NOX Insomnia - the unique cluster of trading strategies that allows you to increase profitability by increasing the risks on the Forex trading. We strictly recommend to use this feature only on the special part of the deposit allocated for risky investment package

Tariff Plans

Package S Package M Package L
EA run on Demo account
EA run on Live account
Ability to add accounts
Number of trading strategies 3 3 3
Class of strategies Insomnia
Bots included 1 1 4
The maximum deposit limitation per account $1000 $5000 $30000
The maximum number of EAs 1 2 10
Base client program
Extended Client Program
Full client program
Price $400* Price $800* Price $2400*
* - all prices are indicated without VAT, the price includes 9 days of free maintenance
** - the company's client program is described in more detail following this link

Bot working time

NOX Expert Advisor works 24 hours a day, 5 days a week - from Monday to Friday, this is due to the period of work of world currency exchanges. The system does not trade in risky periods.

Expert Advisor does not open new deals on holidays, weekends and during High volatility on the market!

The team of traders are monitoring the Forex market news and events to suspend trading when the risks are increased.

Here you can always find out if NOX bots are currently working. The watch includes holidays and weekends, but there may be exceptions depending on the situation on the Forex market.

Risk disclosure

Personal risks

Our company is not liable for losses incurred by the client due to a wrong choice of a trading strategy or neglect the money management rules.

The external factors influence

The company is not liable for losses incurred by the client due to force majeure circumstances such as military operations, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, suspension of trading in financial markets, foreign exchange interventions, decisions of governments that may affect exchange rates.

Additional Information

We have prepared the document containing detailed information on possible risks and the degree of responsibility of the parties - Offer agreement

About ART Cloud Technologies company

Who are we?

NOX was created by a group of specialists in software development, marketing and trading on the Forex. Our experience allows us to automate Forex trading for the clients

Our mission

Improving financial literacy of clients and increasing their profits.

Our goals

Creating a community of traders, each of which will have the necessary knowledge and experience for the development of the future projects.


Address: Suite 1, 4 Queen Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH2 1JE

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NOX bot

NOX bot